Care & Use

Washing diapers isn’t as complicated as it might seem. All you need is two wash cycles and they’re ready to be worn again!

Wash 1: Warm water, regular wash cycle, large load setting, line 1 detergent

Wash 2: Hot water, heavy duty cycle, high spin, line 3-4 detergent

Dry in dryer when possible.

Notes: Warm water opens up the fibers and allows gunk to escape. Cold water causes fibers to seize up.

  • Short/quick cycles or a rinse only as the prewash is not adequate.
  • Precise fill options should never be used if manual wash size settings are available; this option won’t use enough water for cloth
  • Never use extra rinses if you have hard water as this will put mineral build up into your fibers
  • Use a capful of Calgon in each wash cycle if your water is harder than 180pp. Borax wear on diapers prematurely
  • Powdered detergent is always better for cloth. Liquid is difficult to rinse out of soft water. Liquid has inadequate softening properties for hard water
  • A detergent must have enzymes and not have sodium cocoate. Enzymes clean the gunk and sodium cocoate coats fibers like a soap

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