RLR Laundry Treatment

Let's face it. Even Sweet Pea diapers can't stay new and bright sparkly white forever. Cloth diapers typically get dingy or gray because of detergent residue, dirt, and water mineral deposits that build-up on the diaper fabric as a normal part of the cloth diapering wash routine. RLR Laundry Treatment "strips" this build-up of unwanted minerals and suspends it in the laundry water until it can be rinsed away.

As a laundry additive, RLR Laundry Treatment enhances the quality of your cloth diaper fabric without the use of detergent, bleach or bluing agents. RLR Laundry Treatment is not a soap or cloth diaper washing detergent; it is a laundry treatment developed to strip build-up and "ammonia" odor from foul-smelling or leaky cloth diapers. Remember, you don't need to use RLR as part of your weekly cloth diaper washing routine. 


  • Biodegradable and FREE of Harsh Chemicals
  • Phosphate and perfume FREE
  • Use once a month or when build-up occurs


  • Use RLR Laundry Detergent monthly for detergent build-up prevention or use whenever you need to restore absorption to your cloth diapers.
  • Add the entire packet into your hot wash cycle without detergent or any other laundry additives.
  • Continue repeating hot wash cycles until you can look in your top loader or view through the window of your front loader and not see ANY foam or suds; the water should be clear.

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